Apply To Attend TEDxBuffalo 2014!

Applications to attend TEDxBuffalo 2014 are now closed. Attendees will be notified in early September. Have a different question about attending? Email

TEDxBuffalo 2014 speaker auditions
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Who can attend TEDxBuffalo? Anyone!

Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough space for everyone to fit inside the Montante Cultural Center on Tuesday, October 14, 2014. How do we actually choose who will attend the event? The first step is to create a big list. That happens when everyone who’s interested in being there fills out a short form that includes their name, email address and a few questions we hope will tell us something about why they would be a great TEDxBuffalo audience member.


Although there are many ways a large list could be narrowed down to 200 people, we organizers of TEDxBuffalo believe that the fairest method is through a blind selection process. We hide applicants’ names, emails and as much identifying information as we can, then read through all the other provided answers, noting what we see.

What makes one applicant “better” than another? There aren’t any hard and fast rules for how we choose our audience, but there are some qualities we keep an eye out for. We like people who are interested, interesting, good-natured, open-minded and engaged in their community. Oh, and being witty never hurts.

If you’re still looking for some guidance, here are some tips regarding filling out your attendance application.

  • Be yourself.
  • Short answers usually don’t tell us very much (unless they’re short and clever).
  • Long essays aren’t the solution either (put yourselves in our shoes–you wouldn’t want to read hundreds of applications that are miles long!).
  • Name dropping doesn’t impress us (no, not even if you drop our names).
  • Lying and cheating are not wise (we all have an overdeveloped sense of justice).

Make sure to get your application in before Sunday, August 17 — that’s when we close the application form and begin making our guest selections.

— Important note! If you are on a mobile device (phone/tablet), you should click here to fill out the form directly, as some users have had trouble with the embedded form below. —

Finally: Here is that form you’ve been looking for. (If you’re having trouble with this embedded form, here’s a direct link to the Attend TEDxBuffalo 2014 form.) Good luck!

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