Next Meeting: Committees, “Elevator Pitches,” and Venue Shopping

  • When: 6 p.m. June 23
  • Where: Room 418, Lyons Hall, Canisius College (2001 Main St., Buffalo)
  • What: We’re going to tackle a few things specifically:
    • We’ll firm up committees, and give those committees some things to do
    • We’re going to work on our “elevator pitch,” or outcome, for TEDxBuffalo: What’s the thing we want this event to be, exactly?
    • We’re going to look at venues that are available and run down their pros and cons
    • Kevin P. will try his best to answer questions about licensing, sponsorship, and other niggling questions that have come up.
  • Who should come: Anybody who’s interested in helping out! We’ve put some people on committees, but there’s still room in a few areas–specifically the sponsorship and logistics areas. If you’re new, come and introduce yourself. If you’re already on the team, we’ll see you there!

Next Meeting, Committees, and Our Email Newsletter!

Email workers of the world unite!

Note: Maybe none of those things in the headline truly deserved an exclamation point, individually. But put together, they’re kind of exciting. Like free candy. Which we don’t have. Sorry.

I’d hoped to have minutes and notes from our last meeting up much sooner. But the meeting was loosely structured–and productive, inspiring, and a great promise of things to come. So here’s the short version: we’re meeting again, to finalize a date and set up our committees. More