Next Meeting: 6pm on Wed., June 1

We have a license, and maybe even a date or two in mind. Want to be part of TEDx Buffalo in 2011? Come to our next meeting.

The next meetup is at 6pm on Wednesday, June 1, in Canisius College’s Lyons Hall, room 118. We’ll put signs up to get you to the conference room, and parking is in the lot right next door (here’s Leah’s annotated parking map). Look for food, committee/task assignments, beverages, and logistical brainstorming–see how I alternated the essential and edible elements there?

Know somebody who wants to get involved? Tell them to make the meeting if they want to introduce themselves, or hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, or regular ol’ email.

TEDx License Application

Just a quick note: I’ve officially applied to TED to host a TEDx Buffalo event, within a year’s time. The license for the previous event expired today, and, in short, TED requires an individual to be the license holder, and hold their event within one year. So I (Kevin Purdy) am that guy, and the conference will happen by Q2 2012, at the latest (though likely a good bit before that). More